The Public Listing Co. specialises in listing companies on the ASX, LSE, AIM and OTC using IPO and backdoor listing strategies.  We provide a boutique, transparent, high-integrity service which is second to none.

Our clients benefit from our extensive network of corporate advisers, stockbrokers, sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals, fund managers, lawyers, accountants, company secretaries and more that we work with to deliver exceptional results.

The Public Listing Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mayfair 101, a boutique investment bank that specialises in providing access to growth capital. See for more information.

Global Reach

We assist clients globally with their listing requirements.  The ASX is one of the world’s most regulated, robust, and liquid exchanges with 45% of investor funds being from overseas.

Most of our clients are global businesses and are often headquartered outside Australia.  Our team travels regularly to work with clients throughout Australia, Asia, UK, Europe and the USA.

The Public Listing Co. has representation in Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York and Singapore.

Personalised, Boutique Service

By engaging The Public Listing Co. you can be assured of a personalised, boutique experience where we have our clients’ best interests at heart.  Unlike many stockbrokers and corporate advisers that are heavily motivated by fees as opposed to successful listings, we weigh every opportunity up as though we are an investor in your company.  This approach ensures we only work with clients that we consider to have a real prospect of success on the public markets, and means our clients get the attention their company deserves.

Experienced Team with Value Added Services

The Public Listing Co. and its team of advisers have worked on in excess of $10b of transactions across a diverse range of industries.  Our team has experience across facets of law, accounting, capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, sales, marketing (online & offline), IT, HR & recruitment and management consulting to deliver our clients value well beyond simply listing their company.  We take great pride in contributing to our client’s businesses through the relationships and experience our team brings to the table with every project.