The Public Listing Co. provides a range of services designed to maximise shareholder value.  We take an education-based approach to ensure our clients are well informed of their options prior to commencing a formal engagement.  This ensures a high rate of client satisfaction, success and transparency in the delivery of our services.

We can assist companies with –

  • Listing on the ASX via IPO and backdoor listing/reverse takeover methods
  • Sourcing ASX-listed shell companies
  • Learning about the listing process and pro’s & con’s associated with running a listed company
  • Sourcing executive staff and board members
  • Raising capital through our database of 10,000+ investors
  • Company secretarial services
  • Strategic advice and assistance with acquisition strategies
  • Structuring transactions in win-win formats that improve success rates
  • Identifying and securing acquisition targets
  • …and much more