Looking for an ASX shell company to buy or take over via backdoor listing?  The Public Listing Co. has access to 20+ shell companies that are seeking new transactions to restore shareholder value.

ASX Shells For Sale

From time-to-time we come across ASX-listed shell companies where the major shareholders and board are prepared to trade control for cash payment.  This approach for securing a shell is typically used by investment companies seeking to control a shell for the purposes of vending in a new asset it might be seeking to acquire.

The Public Listing Co. can assist with sourcing such shell companies through our database.  We maintain an active ‘watch list’ of clients seeking shells on such basis and can help facilitate the necessary introductions and paperwork required to take control of an ASX-listed shell company.

Acquiring a Shell via Share Swap

These transactions are commonly known as backdoor listings or reverse takeovers (RTO’s) and involved swapping shares in an unlisted company for shares in a listed company.  Typically the board will resign and new shares are issued such that control of the company is vested in the incoming vendors.

Backdoor listings are a common way of listing on the ASX and with the high number of shells available (90+ as of August 2015) this is an attractive and relatively low cost way of becoming a listed company.

The Public Listing Co. is one of the most active companies in Australia in the ASX-listed shell market and can assist with your backdoor listing requirements by sourcing a suitable shell for your business.