Considering a backdoor listing or reverse takeover of an ASX-listed shell company?  The Public Listing Co. has access to a large number of ASX-listed shells that are seeking new transactions in order to restore shareholder value.

Backdoor Listing Services

If you are considering a backdoor listing on the ASX talk to us first.  We can connect you with ASX shell companies and guide you through the process to ensure a successful backdoor listing/reverse takeover transaction.

The Public Listing Co. generally has access to 20+ ASX shells through our network that are actively seeking new acquisitions.  The general characteristics of these shell companies is as follows –

  • The Board of Directors is prepared to depart
  • They are happy to provide 51%+ of the company’s stock (i.e. shareholder control) upon successfully acquiring your business
  • Their market capitalisation is generally <$2m
  • Minimal if any creditors (i.e. they are ‘clean’)
  • Some have substantial cash at bank

Sourcing Transactions for Shells

The Public Listing Co. also assists ASX-listed shells that are seeking new transactions.  We have a high rate of deal flow across a diverse range of industries and can source a suitable transaction that is prepared to deal on commercial terms.

Buying an ASX-Listed Shell Company

If you are in the market for acquiring control of an ASX-listed shell company we can assist.  Through our network we can help source you a shell that is willing to forego control in return for cash payment.  These may include companies under external administration or that have recently come out of administration and are subject to a Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA).