The Public Listing Co. provides IPO services for businesses seeking to list on the ASX.  Our IPO services help local and overseas companies towards being admitted to the official ASX list in a timely and cost effective manner.

Get your company listed on the ASX

The Public Listing Co’s IPO coordination service is a smart, value-focused way to list your company on the ASX.  Our panel of suppliers can assist you to prepare all the necessary documentation, file the relevant applications, write your prospectus, raise capital, assist you with obtaining the required number of investors to satisfy shareholder spread requirements and have your company admitted to the ASX official list.

This IPO service is ideal for companies that are ASX-ready or those that still need time but require assistance in getting their corporate structure and strategy in place.

Even if your company isn’t quite ready, we can stagger the process such that your admission to the ASX coincides with your team being ready for the demands of being an ASX-listed company.

The Public Listing Co. can advise you as to whether your business is IPO-ready as part of our educational consultation process.  To find our more contact our team on +61 (3) 9001 0243 or email us using the form below.